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Introduction by Sir Arnold Clark

Is YOUR child sitting safely?

Sir Arnold Clark Sir Arnold Clark

I am delighted that Arnold Clark Automobiles is supporting the in-car child safety initiative. I am and always have been passionate about cars. I spend most of my working day on the road in my car and consider road, car and passenger safety to be of paramount importance to all road users.

As an employer of over 8,000 employees, a father and a great grandfather, I am very conscious that children should be safe when they are travelling in a car. Such is my concern, that Arnold Clark Automobiles has been sponsoring this initiative for over 7 years, and during this period, the in-car child safety initiative has seen a reduction in child casualties. However, this does not mean that we can be complacent, as child seats are still being fitted incorrectly, resulting in child casualties on the roads.

The aim of this campaign is simple, to increase in-car child safety and reduce the number of child casualties caused in road traffic collisions.

This booklet is an excellent guide and highlights areas where we could all improve on in-car child safety; it offers good sound practical advice about buying, choosing and fitting a car seat. It is a must for all parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Sir Arnold Clark

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Chairman & Chief Executive
Arnold Clark Automobiles